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The development of the employees in a company is essential to achieve the company's goals. Our training methods are based on practicality as well as an education which transfers theoretical and practical knowledge in sufficient amounts through quick realisations and useful experience. During our trainings the participants take active part in the processes. In these we aim to achieve the desired change in the participants' behaviour and knowledge through intense situations and experiences related to the areas to be developed.

Leadership trainings

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Competence development

Team building (Our unique range of programs and our experienced, creative team provide your company with a wide range of indoor and outdoor teambuilding activities as well as their high quality implementation in all Hungary.


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Orsolya Dobák

Senior trainer

I consider myself to be a rather practical than theoretical specialist. I believe that everything is connected to everything; all elements of the systems and subsystems have effect on each other. No matter where we "touch" it we change the whole. This philosophy can be applied if I have an assignment for a whole organisational development project, "only" one subtask or one single training.