Business Consultancy, Organizational Development

There can be a time in the life of every business leader and organisation when they have to set a new track for their business in order to keep their competitive advantage. For many companies and leaders the changing and management of complex patterns and structures in the company's operation can mean a lot of unforeseeable difficulties

With the help of our consultants we wish to support You and your company in organising the desired changes and developments into foreseeable processes. This way the cooperation/coordination of your workforce could be maximised.


What do we provide solution for?

Organisation Development

Assessment and change of the company's culture

Process and operation optimisation

Improvement and audit of customer experience

Interim business project management

Giving presentations at conferences, annual team meetings, and at the introduction of change


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László Podhorányi

Senior consultant


I would like to begin with my motto, which is a quote from the "greatest Hungarian" and the most suitable for describing me, "You are alive only if you live for others".


Having spent more than 20 years in the service industry I have always been really close to the customers and the people providing service to them. Today I am glad to share my experience with other and to support them in their personal development as a specialist, consultant, coach or trainer.


My strengths are the internal drive combined with the "can do" attitude as well as a really high level of commitment to the customers and service providers.