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Welcome to the homepage of BP Solution Ltd!

Our company BP Solution Ltd. is an human resources consultancy company found in 2008. We offer solutions for a wilde range of HR Services including HR advisory, organizational development, indoor and outdoor trainings, coaching, team bulilding and recruitment. For further information please take a visit in our website!

We beleive that our customer require essential solutions which can be built in their work processes. For this reason our company and our solutions are based on flexibilty, responsiveness and innovation.

We pay special attention to understanding the complex connections between corporate culture and workforce.

We are a learning company which constantly develops through integrating the knowledge gained during the years as well as the determination to stay up-to-date with the current treds.

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Owing to our key attributes: openness, dynamism, relyability and quality HR services we are glad to have become a strategic partner of international and Hungarian companies.


"A BP Solution Kft. a fejlesztési igényeinket messzemenően figyelembe vevő magas színtű tréning, tanácsadási és munkaközvetítési szolgáltatásokat nyújt munkatársaink részére. Számítunk tapasztalatukra a jövőben is."

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